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Patrick J. McDonnell, Esq.

Many times, people find themselves in trouble and need to hire a lawyer only to be disappointed by the difference they find between how the legal system really works versus their expectations. As an experienced and capable criminal defense attorney, Patrick J. McDonnell works diligently to not only defend you, but takes the time to educate and inform you of your rights as well as his role as your criminal defense attorney in your case..

Patrick J. McDonnell strongly believes in good communication between client and defense attorney, providing a full explanation to his clients about the law, the role of the criminal lawyer and your options under the law, while providing a strong devotion to your case, thereby reaching the most  favorable outcome possible.

Good Communication - It is only by your criminal lawyer asking questions and fully understanding the circumstances surrounding your case that your defense attorney can properly represent you in the courtroom.

Full Explanations - When it comes to choosing criminal lawyer, the more clearly the circumstances surrounding your case are understood by all parties, the better. In fact, Patrick J. McDonnell  believes that his primary duty as your defense attorney is to consistently meet and exceed your expectations.

Strong Devotion - Most importantly, your lawyer knows that the legal system is only here for one reason - the fair treatment of the client. In an emergency, your criminal defense attorney may be reached at any time to provide the experience and representation you deserve.

(716) 553-3010
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